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Probably unpopular opinion about the SoM…

… but all of their three albums are great. Yes, the "Vision Thing" too. Maybe it's slightly worse than the first two albums, but it doesn't make it a bad album. Actually, my mom loved "Vision Thing" more than "Floodland", as well as one of my friends.

I get why goths dislike "Vision Thing". It's the least goth sounding album. That's 50/50 goth rock and hard rock. However, how many of you like the iconic "Love" by The Cult? It also has much hard rock sound in it. It's still Goth sound. The same with Vision Thing. It doesn't matter what does Eldritch say, their sound is goth. Moreover, it's just good music, whether it's goth or not.

On the other hand, the first album is still the best. And I love the second album as well. SoM is a great band, even though their leader has dic… difficult personality.

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