This guys convinced that Lil Peep is goth.

He claims that Lil Peep himself was goth “personality wise and music taste wise,” and when I asked him what music Peep was into he said he liked The Cure and The Beatles, so his personal music taste was pretty varied, but was “generally speaking, goth personality and music taste wise.”

This all seems hella contradicting with each other. He also mentioned that the whole “GothBoiClique” were all goth but only one of them were trad-goth. I don’t know much about its members but I do know that it is widely not accepted into the goth community…

The term Goth has been watered down so much, it’s so frustrating to have conversations with people like this, especially since I’m not sure how to reply half the time lol.

I try my best to stay off that side of the internet honestly.

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