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I suppose this is a bit of a broad question, but does anyone know of goth clubs that exist in virtual spaces?

I go to EDM festivals in some video games I play (Final Fantasy XIV, VRChat) quite frequently, and I've never been able to find a good club to vibe to real goth music in either space. It's strange, considering I've met people who know of or listen to goth music, especially in FFXIV.

I went to a goth night in FFXIV once that was hosted by a DJ I like, but she wasn't playing any sort of goth (or any alt music to begin with), just her usual pop set. The only thing that was goth was that people were wearing black. Very disappointing. As for VRChat, the closest I've ever gotten to hearing alternative music was Linkin Park during someone's set, and that obviously isn't goth.

I've considered starting up a virtual experience myself, but I have no idea how to DJ, nor do I have an ear for music. The best I could do is event planning and advertising.

So, I figured I'd ask here if anyone knows of any good goth clubs, either in VRChat, Final Fantasy XIV, or somewhere else that I could go check out. I've always wanted to meet people who like the same music I do, but it's very difficult right now due to COVID.

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