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In the past couple of days we've had an unusual amount of "recommend me songs/albums and bands/artists" threads, so I just wanted to give some visibility to the "Music Page" on our Wiki.

If you're new to goth and wanting some essentials, a metalhead looking for some recommendations, or someone just looking for a good playlists, then that page is for you.

I'm starting to add to it again, but bear in mind I work full time (and I'm away on the weekend, seeing Bauhaus) so please be patient. If you have anything you think would be a good fit, please comment it and explain why. Playlists must have some structure or theme about them (so, please no "goth playlists" with 30 Cure songs on it and one Type O song), which could be anything from the best of from a particular decade, the best of from a certain genre, etc. (I'll point out that we don't need anymore essential/starter playlists, though).

Lastly, please keep it goth, as in, no metal, industrial, neoclassical, etc. music mixed in as this is r/goth and if we're introducing people to new music, we want it to be goth rather than "it's dark enough to be included there so it's fine".

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