Am I overreacting? WGD Event experience

Hi everyone, first time posting here. I have been a goth since high school, it shaped my worldview and life and "saved" me from a tough time in my life. Goth has been a very big part of who I am.

In my lifetime and place where I live, I have met very few alternative people, goths only a handful. I've had not so good experiences in meeting people "like me".

This early May, there was an event for World Goth Day in my city, I decided to go. I decided to participate, to finally join 'the scene'. I am very introverted and socially anxious but thought "fuck it, let's do it". I applied to put my art as part of the exhibition and I was accepted. I was thrilled. The day finally arrived and I was so excited.

The event went along and I got approached by some people (very few) to ask me about my paintings. That was it. I never got included in conversations, or any kind of socializing. The organizers seemed familiar with the other artists and said hi to them, talked and even included them in group pictures. When they passed by my side, nothing, as if I was invisible.

Fast forward to the day after, I see the event organizers put up a gallery of pictures on Instagram and a few reels. I am no where to be seen. They took pictures of the place, the decorations, the artists, the people… but in not a single picture or video am I to be seen. Not even my work was posted. It's almost the end of the month and I'm still wondering why I was not included in any of the pictures or videos of that day. Its like I wasn't even there.If not my face, then just my work, which was the main point of me being there in the first place.

I feel sad but mostly very very upset. I thought the "bad experiences" I've had before with people from the scene was just because of age (being a teen and all that). But no, grown ass organizers that are like 7, 8 years older than me are doing this. I also think if maybe it's just because they don't really know me?? and I am being silly or dramatic. But still, why was not even my artwork posted like the other artists there? Anyways, thank you for reading this and let me know if anyone has any advice or has experienced anything similar.

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