I miss Vampire Freaks.

I recently went on the Wayback Machine, and I looked at the old Vampire Freaks site. I was active on it like…Sixteen ish years ago, but I remember it being the best. (I've since heard about the madness that came later.) As a young person who identified as "Alt/Goth", it was by far the easiest way to meet other people who also identified as some sort of that lifestyle. This was also back when "Goth" was kind of the accepted term for all of the different flairs (but not in all circles, of course…)

I even found my old profile. I also saw that some guy had posted some trash talk on my account page, two days after my last ever login…So I never saw it. So, naturally, I must hunt this guy down. Revenge! (Just kidding, if that wasn't obvious.)

Also, I lived in the epicenter of where it was created, so there were so, many, people. It exploded and was everywhere. Then, when I moved across the country, not expecting it to be there…Bam, there it was, and I met even more people! And I liked the vast majority of people I met. It was like, Myspace, but better.

Modern day Social Media just isn't the same. It's so full of…Scammers, and OnlyFans, and…Everything seems so fake. I miss those old days, when everything and everyone seemed genuine. As crazy as it sounds.

Anyway, I just wanted to rant about this, after my Wayback Machine trip. Didn't know where else to go. Thanks for reading!

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