Bands Calling Themselves Goth That Aren’t Goth

Hello r/goth!

Long time lurker, not much of a speaker, decided to finally make a newer account and talk. I'm deaf and goth, and I have a very confusing and oddly specific issue. I love goth music (Switchblade Symphony, Clan of Xymox, The Merry Thoughts, Horror Vacui, to name a few), but sometimes I see bands name themselves goth and I don't actually know if that's true, since I can't hear. My enjoyment of music is purely physical, so my ability to understand whether or not a band is goth is limited. However, the bands that I'm drawn to as well as the community tends to be goth. I hope that makes sense, but I can elaborate more if there's questions.

So I suppose I'm wondering, how do you know a band is goth or not? Is there some sort of specific rhythm/feel that identifies them that I could tell apart?

Example: Ludovico Technique. I enjoy his music a lot and he calls himself goth, but I've seen people say that he isn't, though I'm not sure what the genre is.

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