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do people actually think that goth music is just screaming?

i’ve seen quite a few people online talking about people thinking goth music is just screaming and i don’t understand why anyone would think that. if people DO really think that, what gave them that idea?

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Me and my friend group got a little bit hatecrimed

A little background, me and my friendgroup live in a small city compared to other ones in my country. There lives a few other alternative people around here, but when i go shopping, I usually don’t see any alt people at all. My friends and I have experienced very few bad encounters for our looks, usually people just screaming ”fucking emo” or something like that. Also people obviously stare, but it’s usually not in a bad way. So nothing severe. There has been more good encounters than bad, almost always when I go to the town someone compliments my makeup and/or my outfit.

We went to visit a much bigger city, there’s a LOT of people there, so I assumed that people wouldn’t pay that much attention to my looks, and I did my makeup pretty heavily. My friends are different subcultures than me, I hung out with two people there and one of us is pretty much opposite of our looks, wore like lolita style clothes. I didn’t even think anyone would say anything to us surrounding our looks, and especially not stare.

When we were shopping, at least 4 people complimented us during the 4 hours we spent there, which was very nice and sweet. 🙂 also a bunch of people stared at us, almost everyone who walked past us which I didn’t expect since I assumed that there would be a bunch of other goths/alts there, and there was a few emo-styled and punks there.

But then, we went to go eat and when we were almost done, the most evil group from our perspective walked over to us; very young teenagers. There was like six or seven kids, ages maybe 12-14. They IMMEDIATELY stared at us and started screaming ”ew fuck no” and stuff. They obviously commented on my makeup, called my friend emo and my other friend a child or something. I was their main target since I was wearing the heaviest makeup, white foundation, strong contour, big eyeliner.. They were ’bullying’ us, and threw salad on my friend’s backpack. They were full on harassing us, and when we left the restraunt they WAITED for us outside. When we got out, the harassing continued and one of them SPAT ON ME. The spit was on my jacket and cheek, and then they just ran out of the mall, with the only two girls staying for a bit to tell us to kill ourselves and stuff like that before running away.

We went to report them to the security, and someone else was there too because they spat on her also. Not saying what happend to us was ok bc of our looks, but she looked absolutely normal and i’m extremily confused why they would spit on her. I really hope the security found them and that their parents found out and gave them a long talk.

I’m just so confused, I assumed that bc it’s such a big city that there would be people with even more ”extreme” looks, and that the people there would be used to it. Also a bunch of people stared at us, especially older people which i think is fine/understandable. I’m just very disgusted with the behaviour that we encountered. I just wish people would leave us alone and not say anything if there’s nothing nice to say.

I hope I don’t sound like i’m trying to be the only victim here, I just wanted to tell it from my POV since my other two friends are from different subcultures. They were victims too.

Feel free to share your experiences based on the sizes/population of the places that you’ve visited and how you got treated there. Thank you 🙂

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Heavy gothic rock bands ?

So i discovered metal music a year ago and I was quite attracted to it pretty fast so now I'm starting to get interested in gothic and darker music and I'm looking for something atmospheric and melancholic but I also want it to be quite heavy whether it's in the drums or the atmosphere and i prefer bands that are pretty known.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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This Ascension – August Rain

*From the album Light and Shade (1991)

Ethereal Goth from California*

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Does goth music do this for you too or am I just weird?

I have this weird thing about my brain where listening to darkwave, coldwave, and etherealwave helps my brain focus. Its the most effective thing at regulating me emotionally, calming/relaxing me, helping me concentrate/focus, and soothing my bodys adrenaline response(ptsd symptoms). It clears up brain fog pretty effectively, too. Helps me process information as well/helps my memory.

I've never ever heard of gothic genres as helping someone that much(mentally, emotionally) just by their sound alone(compared to classical). It doesn't matter what the lyrics are, just the sound alone massively helps me emotionally and mentally. When I'm upset, hurting, anxious, scared, in fight or flight, nervous system dysregulated, just listening to the genre for about 20 min fixes everything. You'd think that listening to "depressing/melancholy" music would make things worse , but it does quite the opposite! I'd go so far as to say it's comforting.

All the things people say about how good classical music is for your brain is exactly all the things darkwave/coldwave/etherealwave does for me for some reason. Meanwhile classical doesn't do much to help me.

Is it because my brain really fucks with the music in particular or do you think there's a specific reason why it'd help so much?

Additionally, does anyone else have this too with a goth genre? Or is my brain just a special breed

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