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Coachella used to be goth lol

Obviously being facetious, but damn they used to have great music at that fest. Bauhaus, Siouxsie, The Cure, New Order, Depeche, She Wants Revenge, Jesus and Mary Chain, Caifanes, NIN, Gang of Four, Interpol, Tv on the radio, Kraftwerk, Portishead, Love and Rockets, Echo and the buns… I know it makes sense being a west coast fest back then… but what the hell happened to this festival? Many of these bands were even headliners.

Also know some of these aren’t technically goth but I know we love em all the same in our batcaves.

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Advice on learning how to sing in a more “gothic” voice (I guess)

I really like how Sean Brennan sings. It’s androgynous.

I don’t know much about singing but I think I’m like a baritone or something but I can’t really get my voice that low or that high.

Edit: also sorry if this is a stupid question but I’m stupid and therefore must act such

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need love songs

gfs birthday is coming up and shes goth, I got her this rly cool looking cd player but she only has like 1 cd so i wanted to burn her a couple so she could use it. dont want anything too obvious or mainstream i dont want it to look like i typed "goth love song" into google and saved the first 10 results. here are a few of the songs i already have :

  • here is to you my love /pink turns blue
  • mirror /bleib modern
  • grace /entwine
  • angel grey /seraphim shock
  • and there will be your heart also /fields of the nephilim
  • all the beauty /mortal love
  • enslaved /diva destruction
  • heaven /redlorryyellowlorry

i wont list everything bcs its a pretty long playlist but i just feel like its not enough/some of the songs arent good enough.

if it helps to get a feel of what she likes to listen to here are some of her favorite bands:

  • paralysed age

  • him

  • indigo raven

  • praise of folly

  • love like blood

  • sanguis et cinis

  • diva destruction

  • bleib modern

  • la scaltra


  • faith and the muse

  • trance to the sun

  • skeletal family

  • the naked and the dead

  • deadchovsky

  • faith & disease

  • the birthday massacre

  • darling violetta

  • mute angst envy

  • haunt me

  • mortal love

  • the shroud

so anything like that would be rly good. id prefer sappy over sexy but ill take anything just so i can have a bigger library of songs to look through. i have a few weeks. thank you

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Two Books that goes into detail about the Goth Scene in San Diego

Since my first time going to Sabbat back in 2022 to the newer Modern Wav events I am still genuinely surprised on how big the SD Goth Scene, I've made so many friends and while not Goth I enjoy everything from the Music to the Events to The People.

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Caught guitar pick from Twin Tribes today

Well I caught it, dropped it, and picked it up again.

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What even is this ?? I never questioned this but my wife got scared because she said it looked like a spider and she has arachnophobia.. is this even a spider. I thought it was a rat or something .

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