Goth/deathrock recommendations for a punk

Hello there, goths/deathrockers; disrocker punk here.

I'm just getting into goth/deathrock. I'm at that song-by-song stage, and I'd say I'm only really familiar with a few bands.

Rather than the average wall of links to sort through, I figured I share what I'm discovering in the hopes someone might give me some recommendations more up my alley. Also, I like the back and forth geeking out on sharing music with someone.

So, uh, here's me so far. I'll put asterisks by the ones I'm really feeling.

Now I'm Feeling Zombified by Alien Sex Fiend.* Monitor by Siouxsie and the Banshees. * Black Sunshine by Roadside Memorial. She's Dangerous by Clan of Xymox. Gothic Girl by The 69 Eyes. The Love by Screaming for Emily. Sex Beat by Sex Beat. Empty Room by Ash Code. Evil by 45 Grave. Into the Void by Buzz Kull. Almost Nothing by Selofan. Work For Love by Ministry.*

There's more, but this works. For me, I have what I feel is a real badass taste in punk. I'd like to think I'm well versed. But that's because I had other punks to learn from. When it comes to goth/deathrock, I don't really know anyone so I have to find it all myself. It's not as fun that way. I basically got two giant ass playlists and put them together on Spotify and I've been listening and trying to develop a taste for it by slowly listening to that.

I got started because I have a Joy Divison parody shirt I fucking love, but I felt like a poser for wearing it without listening to them. I popped Unknown Pleasures on and thought it kicked ass. Been me since.

So I'm more than happy to chat up the music and wider subculture if anyone is interested. Don't be afraid to ask about punk music if you're into that too.

Also, maybe it's bad on me, but I can't really stand the Cure, so I'll just throw that out there. Maybe I don't know them enough.

Shit, thanks in advance for anyone who decides to get into it with me.

EDIT: I kiss your faces. Man, I'm happy with most of the recommendations, honestly, and some of them just straight up kick ass. Seems like I'm gonna go on a deep deathrock kick for a while.

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