Gothabet (Best/Your Favourite Goth Album from A-Z), Round 3: C

You guys absolutely sure you want The Sisters of Mercy to win B? Ok then. Don't be mad at me when I ignore them for F.

Current list:

A – Adrenaline by Rosetta Stone

B – Body and Soul by The Sisters of Mercy


Must be goth. Read the sidebar/rules/wiki/FAQ.

One band per letter.

Doesn't have to be an album, could be an EP.

Please post only one album per comment.

Each round ends after 24 hours. (I have a very inconsistent posting schedule. I post whenever I feel like it.)

Articles could count or be ignored for the next word in the album title.

Example: An Eye for the Main Chance by Rosetta Stone could be either A or E.

So, favourite/best favourite album that starts with C?

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