I think I’m suffering from imposter syndrome…

I’ve always been in love with the goth subculture from my early teens, I just never did a deep dive into it, I’ve listened to some of the music back then but had never fully explored it to its fullest potential. Now I’m in my late teens and I’ve done a full deep dive into the music, listening to sad lovers and giants, suspiria, Rosetta Stone, low life, xmal deutschland, clan of xymox, o. Children, the chameleons, little Nemo, and so so so much more not including the bands I already listened too. I know I’m listening to the right music, as well as some goth adjacent music mixed in with the run of the mill goth music. I already know how to dress goth. I know a good amount about the subculture, but I can’t help but feel like I’m a poser, I keep checking my playlist to make sure I’m listening to the correct music even though I know I am. I feel confident within this subculture but am having a hard time fully becoming flourished in it due to me feeling as if I’m a poser. How do I overcome this? I don’t feel goth enough!!

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