I’m at my last straw. [HUGE VENT]

Its 5 am and I can't sleep.

The sexualization of goth girls is getting too gross. Now I %100 will stop posting erotic images to help our community. I would so drop this person's reddit here after a GROSS comment I saw wanting a fantasy goth girl of tiny waist, pale body and big anime boobs. I told them "fucking gross" and I get couple of downvotes. Never have I wanted to go rabid on these people and stomp their heads with with chunky boots. I hate to be violent…

It's vile we're seen as accessories but wouldn't even FATHOM the idea of listening/supporting to the music we love. They would so dump us knowing we don't look like pale dead 24/7 AND wouldn't even go NEAR ethnic goths who have a darker skin tone.l because "paler" is more goff looking. Also the big boob and tiny waist thing seriously takes damage to baby bats who may be insecure getting into the culture and now feel pressured to look a certain way. Plus size goths are and should be welcomed.

I merely make this rant since recently I have been getting the overly gross sexual comments and now have deleted most of my reddit and will engage in other communities.

If you actually want to be with a goth girl or guy, don't use us as accessories. Support the music we love and respect we won't look like dream goff girl fantasy or play dress up 24/7.

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