Non-goth music suggestions is a no-no

Good morning!

We're gonna start being more strict with how we handle people that suggestes non-goth music in here.

Before we just removed your post. But from now on we'll start to handing out temp bans to repeat offenders, as it's so many that keeps suggesting music that isn't goth.

This means if you are gonna suggest a song it must be goth. If you are uncertain, check the wiki that u/DeadDeathrocker have done an amazing job with.

We will as often as time permits, make a reply why your post was removed from now on. And if you after that keeps suggesting playlists or tracks that isn't goth or have a few tracks that isn't goth, we'll be banning folks for a week or so.

The most common bands so far seem to be: Type O, Depeche Mode, 69 Eyes, and a drove of metal, witchhouse artists, etc.

This is to help new folks get what they need to get started, and for folks to get what they request.

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