/r/Goth’s Modern Music Mondays!

Post your links to new releases from 2000 or later, let's give some focus to new music. In the list below, you'll find some new releases from the past few weeks!

Here's some great new post-punk/goth releases:

False Figure – "Castigations" [Deathrock] (CA, U.S.A)

Slaughterhouse "Halloween" [Deathrock] (CA, U.S.A)

Haunt Me – "Don't Fall Asleep" [Post-Punk / Darkwave] (TX, U.S.A)

Cataphiles – "Cataphiles" [Deathrock] (Germany)

Want more? Check out our full 2021 Spreadsheet, 2022 Spreadsheet, and our new 2023 spreadsheet of Upcoming/Recently Released music.

Don't forget about our ever-growing list of post-punk, goth rock, darkwave, deathrock, etc. releasing labels!

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