/r/Goth’s New Music Mondays thread

Post your links to some new Goth music you enjoy! Or your favourite goth tunes here.

Please enjoy more examples than usual, to make up for last week.

Here's some great new post-punk/goth releases:

Temple – "Self Ritual Torture" [Goth Rock / Deathrock] (Oregon, U.S.A.)

Elvis de Sade – "World For Us" [Post-Punk] (Germany)

Irish Basement – "1,000 Hallelujahs" [Post-Punk] (Washington D.C., U.S.A.)

The Tears Of Ozymandias – "The Tears Of Ozymandias" [Post-Punk / Goth Rock] (Germany)

New Today – "Cradle" [Post-Punk / Goth Rock] (U.S.A.)

Shadowhouse – "Forsaken Forgotten" [Post-Punk / Goth Rock] (Oregon, U.S.A.)

The Red Moon Macabre – "MATRIARCH "MEMORIUM MIX" [Post-Punk] (U.S.A.)

iamnoone – "Dead Season" [Post-Punk / Darkwave] (Italy)

Want more? Check here.

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