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Anyone remember this now-deleted goth rock compilation on youtube?

About 2 years ago I came across a goth rock compilation on youtube with mainly second wave goth music on it. The video title was pretty generic, something like Gothic Rock Compilation or something but I can't find it anymore. I had it downloaded on my old phone that got stolen a few months ago, either way, can't seem to find the compilation anywhere.

Here's an incomplete tracklist in semi-correct order:

This Paradise – London After Midnight
Vampyre's Cry – Nosferatu
Dreamland – The Merry Thoughts
Harlot – The Wake
Forevermore – Rosetta Stone
(I'm guessing a Children On Stun song?)
—(song removed due to copyright
(Song with spanish lyrics)
Crucifixion – Spiritual Bats
Ligea – Witching Hour
Low Violet – The Merry Thoughts
The Passenger cover – Siouxsie and the Banshees
and the last song was To Wish Impossible Things – The Cure

There were definitely a few more songs inbetween, especially in the second half of the comp but I can't remember those. If anyone knows what I'm talking about or has the playlist downloaded, please let me know!

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