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Anyone remember this now-deleted goth rock compilation on youtube?

About 2 years ago I came across a goth rock compilation on youtube with mainly second wave goth music on it. The video title was pretty generic, something like Gothic Rock Compilation or something but I can't find it anymore. I had it downloaded on my old phone that got stolen a few months ago, either way, can't seem to find the compilation anywhere.

Here's an incomplete tracklist in semi-correct order:

This Paradise – London After Midnight
Vampyre's Cry – Nosferatu
Dreamland – The Merry Thoughts
Harlot – The Wake
Forevermore – Rosetta Stone
(I'm guessing a Children On Stun song?)
—(song removed due to copyright
(Song with spanish lyrics)
Crucifixion – Spiritual Bats
Ligea – Witching Hour
Low Violet – The Merry Thoughts
The Passenger cover – Siouxsie and the Banshees
and the last song was To Wish Impossible Things – The Cure

There were definitely a few more songs inbetween, especially in the second half of the comp but I can't remember those. If anyone knows what I'm talking about or has the playlist downloaded, please let me know!

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i found a projekt records compilation at the thrift store today :)

super excited to listen!! theres some bands that i havent heard of on here, and some bands that i really like! also i didnt quite know whether to post this to r/goth or r/shoegaze so i just posted to both, someone lmk where this belongs ( because i think its ethereal wave, which belongs in goth, but not sure, so correct me if needed )

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A Helping Hand – Charity Sampler Compilation (2023)

A Helping Hand – This album is a charity sampler. All proceeds go to the “Wünschewagen”.
Fulfilling a special wish of seriously ill people in the last phase of their lives – that is the task of the ASB Wish Cart. Since 2014, committed Samaritans have been bringing people at the end of their life, well cared for, back to their favorite place with the help of the project, which is financed exclusively from donations.

There's a lovely selection of artists:

Rosegarden Funeral Party – Wintersong

The secret french postcards – The Dream Is Gone

A TRANSITION feat. Gina – Dark Ambitions and Bright Lights

IAMTHESHADOW – Even The Air Is A Ruin

The Art Intel – In The Theatre

Past Self – Sewn Shut

Loyal Nothing – Death Always Wins

Devoted Sinners – Everything I´ve Ever Loved Is Dead

The Sea At Midnight – Oceans

Another Tale – Ein Gott zu sein (Acoustic Live)

Driven By Clockwork – Fragen für einen Freund

Golden Apes – Our Ashes At The End Of The Day

Dechakhal – Sombras

We The North – Unpure

JE T'AIME – Kiss The Boys (And Make Them DIE) (feat. Alex Svenson from Then Comes Silence)

Social Station – Echo Chamber

Iamnoone – Happiness

Christabel Dreams – Pigs

Kill Shelter – She´s In Parties (Bauhaus Cover)

Still Patient? (official) – Blind Visions

Deus Ex Lumina & Antipole – Destroy

Anti:Ager – Phantoms

SJÖBLOM – Oh My Heart

Another Abyss – Everything Means Nothing

Happy Phantom – If Blood Comes First

urbandoned. – Omnipresent

MindSlide – Collide

Heartbreak Noir – Forever Sleep (Acoustic Live)

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Is there a compilation of William Maybelline dancing?

I can't get it out of my head. It was something that sets Lebanon Hanover apart from all those lives I've been to. Anyways, what kind of dance is it even called?

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i made a compilation of obscurish goth music at a friend’s house thought i’d share with yall

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Hi! My dad created a youtube channel to gather and select very special, obscure postpunk, goth, etc. so more people would have access to real rarities. This is his newest compilation, it’s 80’s themed, has a painfully melancholic vibe, and contains songs from all over the world. Enjoy!

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Obscure 80s Post Punk / Goth compilation

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Tonight at midnight EST! UnObscured compilation vol. 4.2 for 2022! Definitely check it out if you like darkwave!

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80’s goth compilation with lots of unknown and indie artists :)

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New 80’s goth compilation with bands like Get smart, Young Marble Giants, Victims of what, Christian Death and more

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