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Anyone remember this now-deleted goth rock compilation on youtube?

About 2 years ago I came across a goth rock compilation on youtube with mainly second wave goth music on it. The video title was pretty generic, something like Gothic Rock Compilation or something but I can't find it anymore. I had it downloaded on my old phone that got stolen a few months ago, either way, can't seem to find the compilation anywhere.

Here's an incomplete tracklist in semi-correct order:

This Paradise – London After Midnight
Vampyre's Cry – Nosferatu
Dreamland – The Merry Thoughts
Harlot – The Wake
Forevermore – Rosetta Stone
(I'm guessing a Children On Stun song?)
—(song removed due to copyright
(Song with spanish lyrics)
Crucifixion – Spiritual Bats
Ligea – Witching Hour
Low Violet – The Merry Thoughts
The Passenger cover – Siouxsie and the Banshees
and the last song was To Wish Impossible Things – The Cure

There were definitely a few more songs inbetween, especially in the second half of the comp but I can't remember those. If anyone knows what I'm talking about or has the playlist downloaded, please let me know!

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Does anyone remember Stigmata at the Limelight in NYC?

The Limelight was a legendary nightclub in the 80's and 90's. It was an old stone church attached to a former parsonage. It was High Unholiness. The movie Party Monster (a must see) was about the Disco 2000 mad scene in the 90's. Disco 2000 was Wednesday nights.

Stigmata was goth and industrial night maybe Tuesday nights? I know I saw the Cranes and Belly on a Tuesday night. I was just a baby bat then and I would love to hear more about your experiences there.

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Anyone remember the blog Strippy Tights and Dark Delights?

I remember randomly stumbling across this blog in my teens and I remember reading it all of the time. The blog has been dead for years now but does anyone else remember this blog and reading it?

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Anyone remember vampire freaks forums?

I was just thinking about the old websites we had in the early 2000's and remembered VF. I went back to look at it and it's been a shop since 2020? Heavily disappointed, I hope one day it's restored to its 8bit emoji bats for nostalgia purposes. Minus the creeps, though.

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I do remember… All About Eve – December (1989)

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What’s the first piece of goth media (whether it’s a song, artist, album, etc) that you remember falling in love with?

For me, Siouxsie's "She's a Carnival" hooked me immediately and is what really began my journey into goth music.

Although, I also deeply loved "Lovesong" growing up (and still do), but that feels like WAY too easy of an answer.

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Trying to remember the name of a song.

I have music in mind whose first notes make me think of gothic music, it was sung by a man, probably the one on the album cover, and I remember female moans right in the middle. But I don't remember the name anymore.
As I remember, the cover of the album was very red, and in the foreground there was a man facing the front, with black hair, in a suit, smoking a cigarette.
Anyone have any ideas ?

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As a 2000s goth, I have no memory of goths and emos not getting along. I remember metalheads and emos not getting along. *ramble*

Oh the drama was real. Especially in the southwest states and Latin America.

I remember the emo kids getting their asses kicked by the metalheads on the daily, especially at concerts, where there was an emo/screamo band and metal band playing.

I recently watched that episode of South Park where the goth kids are frustrated at being mistaken for emos..

Like we were arch enemies or something.

I think they got it wrong there. I always thought emos and goths kinda lived in the same social bubble.

The emos ensured a huge backlash though that I don’t ever remember going through in the goth scene.

In Latin America, emos were literally being murdered in the streets. And in most of the southern, southwest states in the US, emos were scene as pussies and… damn it was like what’s going on these days with the trans backlash almost. Not nearly as publicized though.

Ramble over.

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How many of you remember this show?

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when I got my nose pierced this was my first look if I remember lol

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