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Before you came to knew Goth music, what did you think it sounded like? What were your pre-conceived notions about the music and subculture in general?

Before I started listening to and became thoroughly familiar with Goth, I had zero clue what it sounded like and thought maybe it was either really loud and clangy almost similar to metal, or that it was still loud but quasi dancey like Industrial, and people danced to it at “dark raves” or underground nightclubs and such. And then I discovered it and I thought wow this is hella good music, no matter what subgenre it is. And that’s the other thing I like about goth, is that there’s quite the number of subgenres and they can sound very different from one another and yet we can still identify that minor chord or that distinct tone of dread that makes them all similar to each other. What about you guys? Did you already have an idea what goth music was like before you got to listen to it?

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