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Thieving Bastards!

Some complete and utter bastards have stolen the tour bus with most of the kit and merch for Gene Loves Jezebel's current UK tour.
If you see anything, let the Police know.

"It’s been a bit of a disastrous start to our 40th Anniversary UK tour. Our Ford Transit Splitter van reg number NA09 LUO was stolen last night outside the Travelodge/Moto Services car park at the junction of the M18/M180 near Doncaster. It’s a white van but with a distinctive blue stripe down the side.
All the band’s equipment and merchandise was inside the van. Nearly all our merchandise has also been stolen. Please share.
Missing Equipment List:
Smiley’s Drums:
4 piece Red sparkle Mapex Saturn Drumkit, Zildjian Cymbals and Pearl hardware & Pearl snare.
James’s equipment:
White Les Paul Custom serial no 508770
Gibson Advanced Jumbo acoustic serial no 91640008
Marshall JCM800 head channel switching model 2210 serial no U45409
Marshall JCM800 channel switching head model 2210 serial unknown
1970s Marshall 2×12 speaker cabinet with checkerboard front grill
Bag w assorted guitar Pedals 2xBoss RE20 delay, Boss TU2 tuner. Vintage MXR Dynacomp Boss CE1 compressor, 2x Ibanez TS9 Keeley Modification.
A small ZT Clubman amp
Please could anyone share this post and keep your eyes peeled for the van and any gear that may turn up on eBay/Gumtree etc.
We’re soldiering on with the tour – the show must go on – and driving towards NEWCASTLE Cluny right now; all crammed into a tiny rental car.
We’ve been getting lots of offers of help from the opening bands and all the venues along the way. So many thanks to everyone who is helping out.
Obviously it’s going to sound a little bit different without our usual equipment, but we’re gonna be positive and try and have lots of fun. We’re going to be playing songs from all our albums and we’ll be hanging out at the Merch stand after each show.
Please do come to the shows and help support the band by buying tickets and any of the remaining merchandise that we had at Bugg’s house in York. See you on the road.
Jezebels x "

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