What do you think about goth bands using backing tracks in a crutch-like manner during live shows?

I remember my introduction to the existence of backing tracks. I was at a goth/industrial show and the opening band had to cut their set to about half a song. Because the cd player handling the backing tracks failed. I have seen goth bands tour my city and the first show had a full band. The next show had a missing bassist who had now been absorbed into the backing track. It felt like Alice in Wonderland but lame. Many shows I see people freaking out over are literally just a karaoke show with a keyboard playing single notes.

I understand it isn't easy to tour in this economic climate and make sure everybody gets paid decent, but it's reaching the point where I think the audience have lowered their own standards to accommodate what they are oversaturated with. Curious what other people think based on shows they have been to.

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