Just bought tickets to see Sisters of Mercy, I have never been to any kind of concerts before, what can I expect?

Hello friends! I saw that SoM is having a concert near me in October, and bought the “Floor – General Admission Standing” tickets on a whim. I’ve seen this sub making fun of SoM’s concerts, but I don’t mind a “crappy” performance. It’ll be nice to still see them before they retire.

I have never experienced the music scene. I’m in my mid 20s, and this is going to be my first concert. I don’t have friends to go with me or give me guidance, so I wanted to turn to this sub for help!

  1. The location is at San Francisco The Masonic, what can I expect? Is it huge and easy to find?

  2. What does “Floor – General Admission Standing” tickets entail outside of its name?

  3. How can I better prepare myself? I’m probably going to be taking the Bay Area Transportation System so I don’t have to worry about parking

  4. Do people dress up at SoM concerts?

  5. Is going alone as a 25 year old female poc safe?

Many many thanks in advance!!

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