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I really don’t get the appeal of Lebanon Hanover.

Of course, I don't dislike every song of theirs – I don't think there's any band really for whom that's the case, and I'll gladly dance to Kiss Me Until My Lips Fall Off anytime it's played. But for the vast majority of their songs, the lyrics come off as unimaginative and uninteresting. Saddest Smile in particular reads like a middle schooler's diary entry, and all the times they've mentioned walking through graveyards in their songs feels like it's trying to appeal only to a very stereotypical idea of what goth is.

It all (mildly) frustrates me because I never seem to see any other goths online who share my opinion on this.

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Hi everyone! 🙂 Still kinda new to the genre (a baby bat for those of you who like and use that term). I've fallen in love with gothic music, but my first musical love ever was and still is Florence and the Machine. Any goth artists out there who have a similar sound and lyrical style? 🙂

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I do remember… All About Eve – December (1989)

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Bands I’ve Been Enjoying Lately

*All genre info is from Rate Your Music

Trance to the Sun (Ethereal Wave, Dark Wave, Gothic Rock)

Funhouse (Gothic Rock)

Crucifix Nocturnal Christians (Gothic Rock, Dark Wave)

The Changelings (Ethereal Wave, Gothic Rock)

Avaritia (Gothic Rock)

Screaming Banshee Aircrew (Gothic Rock)

The Shyness of Strangers (Post-Punk, Coldwave)

Mosquito (Gothic Rock)

In a Darkened Room (Gothic Rock, Post-Punk)

Malefixio (Deathrock)

Old Cat's Drama (Deathrock)

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Just finished another vest

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MASQUERADE – Panic Paranoia

Had no idea Suzi Sabotage was in a deathrock band years ago I love it

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