Are there any loners with no friends in the goth scene? As in those who enjoy it all by themselves?

People ask me why I am always alone and try to socialize with the other goths? Because others have BETRAYED me that's why. They did things to me that I would never do to them.

That's why I, unlike most goths, am a loner. I don't socialize with other goths, due to too many easily upset and moody people. I am not having any more shenanigans and I cannot take it anymore, due to being on the autistic spectrum. If I don't like you, I will not socialize with you.

What should I do? Why am I the only one who keeps to himself and doesn't socialize? People, even those who are in the gothic subculture, see me as the weird one. And I feel like I am the world's most different man of all time.

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