How do I immerse myself more in my local culture if clubs aren’t really my thing?

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I've never actually been to a club because I only turned 18 recently, but I feel like there wouldn't be much for me to do there. I would be too shy to talk to anyone, I don't like drinking, and I don't dance. And those are the things you do at clubs so I don't really know what else I would do there.

So as a socially anxious person what do I do to meet people in real life? Do I just suck it up and go to clubs a few times until I somehow gain a friend group? My city doesn't have many alternative events outside of club nights except for like, one picnic a year which is more my speed. But that's one day out of the whole year. Is there any chance of finding goths in places like comic conventions? From my experience online there is quite a bit of overlap with alternative and nerd culture but I think this might be too much of a reach. Maybe the friend tab on bumble? I'm kinda grasping at straws here. I mean shit even the last good clothing store I knew of shut down so I literally don't know where to go

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