I can’t seem to find the type of music I enjoy the most within goth music… but I want to find it!

Hi everyone, long time goth fashion wearer but still a baby bat in terms of actual goth culture. I posted kind of a backstory under this thread which led me to wanting to ask this question.

The tl;dr version of it is that I only started listening to goth music about a couple months ago but because my tastes are both varied and oddly specific at the same time it’s been hard for me to find the type of goth music I enjoy listening to. I’m the kind of person who likes a handful of songs from different artists but said artists aren’t necessarily my favorite.

So far I really enjoy ACTORS’ sound. I’d like to find more artists similar sounding to them. But I’m an alt-pop singer myself so I tend to enjoy female vocals, especially ones that are very powerhouse-y and vocal acrobatics-y. Additionally I’m a freak for love songs. I love romantic melodies and lyrics. I haven’t found anything like those either, so if anyone has any recommendations for those as well I’d really appreciate it! Artists of any decade are welcome!

I feel like I’ve gone way too long having a complete misconception about what goth really is and it’s time for me to school myself and stop being a poser. I’m here to learn 🙂

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