I am going to share this because it has been a question recently on being how to respond when someone calls you out for being goth

This person was insulting people and calling them Trolls. I replied to their comment which had nothing to do with anything goth.


They decided to try and insult me for being goth 😑 It was such a ridiculous comment. I Didn't even know how I should reply. I replied anyway.

Honestly their tolling was so stupid it made me laugh, bit if I were a younger goth I might have been actually offended. I shared this with a friend because recently talking about situations like this, but I figured I would share it on here because it seemed relevant to recent posts.

Here are the screen shots





Maybe I shouldn't have said anything but I don't even state I am goth on my personal Instagram, I also don't state my age. The only thing on it was 1 picture where a friend and I found a sticker outside a gay bar that said Texas Goth and we had to take a picture by it.


Here is a link to the comments on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTeuTtijB_B/

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