Portraits of Luis Vasquez of the Soft Moon, part 2. And piano cover of Total Decay / Far

Drawings from my collection, portraying Luis in 2016. And I want to share something I recorded as a gift for him in February 2016 and then he started to remember me 💔


After I gave him the CD with the track, I was so ashamed of myself, feeling like a complete freak. CD also had 2 Killing Joke covers, my own improvised composition and a video with me confessing gratitude he exists (his lyrics helped me a lot with my existential anxiety, but I didn't know how to say it so probably I was so so awkward lol). I came back to the tracks after the heartbreaking news.

My dream was to become a musician like him, but I didn't manage to even start due to depression.

My intention for this first upload on my fresh soundcloud account is to see, how many years it will take for me, to have my own first gig with my own produced music, and obviously entangling covers of his music into my performance, too. I owe him, so so so much. Damn, crying writing now.

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