Seeking songs for loss and grief

Which goth songs hold a personal significance to you because they offered comfort while you were experiencing loss or grief? Optional: What's the story about your personal connection to the song(s)?

Here are two you're likely familiar with:

Flowers For Agatha – "The Freedom Curse"

This song tears me apart. I played it over and over when I was experiencing a life-changing, liminal period of life – several friends who I loved deeply had distanced themselves, everyone I knew was disappearing, and I had no idea who I was anymore. It speaks to bittersweet pain and mourning without dragging me down. Poignant.

Faith & the Muse – "Old Souls"

Back in the 00s, a dear eldergoth friend sent me a goth mixtape with a note about this song. She'd listened to it extensively after the tragic loss of her best friend. We've since lost contact. It reminds me of her.

Thanks in advance! 🖤

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