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Seeking songs for loss and grief

Which goth songs hold a personal significance to you because they offered comfort while you were experiencing loss or grief? Optional: What's the story about your personal connection to the song(s)?

Here are two you're likely familiar with:

Flowers For Agatha – "The Freedom Curse"

This song tears me apart. I played it over and over when I was experiencing a life-changing, liminal period of life – several friends who I loved deeply had distanced themselves, everyone I knew was disappearing, and I had no idea who I was anymore. It speaks to bittersweet pain and mourning without dragging me down. Poignant.

Faith & the Muse – "Old Souls"

Back in the 00s, a dear eldergoth friend sent me a goth mixtape with a note about this song. She'd listened to it extensively after the tragic loss of her best friend. We've since lost contact. It reminds me of her.

Thanks in advance! 🖤

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im at a loss after this

I circled the relevant text to make it easier to follow.

In the other argument they're having, they are trying to call out someone for being classist and hypocritical for saying its wrong to shop at shein??

For my interaction, i don't know what i should say, how often do you come across people like this and should i just ignore it from now on?

There is more i couldn't fit, they told me trad goths are snobs, i replied saying they're the base other fashion styles and expressions branched off and they continued to tell me trad goth is just a subset and i need to stop listening to 'old heads' (elders). After this i told her they're the ones who created it and i just gave up because they weren't listening to me.

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My soul is my loss, I’m well hung from your cross

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Goths with hair loss?

I’ve (22F) struggled with hair loss since I was about 12-13 due to genetics and medical conditions. It was, and still is, my biggest insecurity, but I’ve mostly learned to ignore it/work around it. However, I still have days where I feel like shit because I can’t do anything with my hair besides wear a hat or head scarf lol. And it gets really old. Especially after seeing all the beautiful and unique hairstyles of people in the goth community.

I’ve tried wigs and they’re ok until the itching becomes unbearable. I’ve also seriously contemplated just shaving my head (which I’ll have to do at some point anyway) but I’ve been dealing with breakouts and acne scarring for years so I feel insecure about exposing my whole face.

Does anyone else struggle with this or have advice/encouragement?

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Songs for the loss of a loved one?

My best friend took her life in september and I wanted to ask if anyone maybe has some song suggestions for me?

I currently listen to a lot of "Change" by deftones and "There's a Light that Never goes out" by the Smiths 🙂

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