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How do you deal with a complete lack of community or spaces around you?

I'm in a fairly conservative area of a South-Eastern European country and while alternative and goth people are not unknown, there are virtually no spaces for us, no goth clubs of any kind and if any exist they're on an entirely informal basis. On top of that i'm kind of androgynous and i get weird glares for my outfits and long hair anytime i walk out, including whispered comments. I feel severely disconnected as a result.

Watching people here post images of their goth club experiences, being able to dress up and have fun, listen to music and dance is heartbreaking for someone who is in the closet and has no real venue for this. Anyone else in a similar situation?

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The Goth accent (for lack of a better term)

Ey up all,

This is something thats been on my mind for awhile and I dont think its just within the goth scene but hear me out.

I have discussed this with my friends that confirmed it and also once with a large goth youtuber (AB) during a live stream through chat.

So I want to see if any of you, perhaps more so during your youth reduced your accent to not sound like the people around you, this could be because you disliked your local dialect or for where I am from, to not sound like the local chavs.

other more out there reasons maybe influences from band members, to sound more smart, or influences for say in UK to sound like charters from movies who spoke "proper" English with a london / posh dialect, or maybe you moved and had issues being understood.

I hope this makes sense, the main point im trying to ask is, did you change your dialect due to not liking your own? because generally within the scene I have noticed most folk are quite well spoken.

Again i have spoke to a few people about this and a few certinly have confirmed it.

I am researching it for my own video for youtube.

Thank you all.

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