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What are your thoughts on goth djs posting (or not posting) track lists of their sets on socials afterwards?

I ask this from the perspective of a conflicted dj that is used to electronic music events where it's rarely a request from the audience. In those situations the music is always mixed continuously and the crowd realize they are going to hear music that is new for them and are down. At best they'll get a recording over a tracklist. People ask for IDs of specific tracks and it's usually other djs asking. I've heard people call this Trainspotting.🙃

I started getting invited to play goth shows a handful of years ago and noticed other goth djs posting their tracklists afterwards. It was interesting to see commentary that followed by people sizing up their opinion based on the music played. The way I get feedback as a dj in the goth community is completely different too. I tried recording my sets and people asked for the tracklist as a substitute. People have told me the tracklist makes it easier for them to keep dancing and laying off Shazam while at the club. I am nearly positive posting a tracklist led to another gig opportunity from a promoter that wasn't even at the show where it happened.

The only issue for me is it's hard to write down a tracklist while I am djing. I am usually busy with other things. Also at other times I notice what makes for the best track to play in the moment might not always be the most impressive looking tracklist compared to other shows.

I like the idea of posting tracklists because people who are on a similar wavelength will see where I am coming from musically. I was just caught off guard by how prevalent it is in my area. Is it the same for you where you live? Do goth djs often post track lists and use them to show people how the night went? Does it make or break whether you'd be willing to give a night a shot for the first time over whether they are posted or what is in them?

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Which goth song would you want to be added to karaoke lists at bars?

Unfortunately, those are few, further adding to the suffering of us bass or bass-baritone vocalists. For me, if I had to pick one song, Amphetamine Logic by Sisters of Mercy would be a hell of an addition.

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