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Why did goths have such a significant pop culture/media presence in the 90’s and then just stop?

Bear with me as I'm a babybat. Around the late 1980's and early 1990's, movies such as the Lost Boys, the Craft, the Crow, Interview with a Vampire, etc. were sensationalizing the goth scene, and I think this really gave them a brief period of significant presence within popular culture. I think the Goths of the 90's were a really pivotal point for the scene's history.

Then around the early 2000's we started seeing this "goth" or "gothic" stock characters appearing in media, which more or less still exists in the 2020's, with each incarnation of this stock having lesser and lesser resemblance to its roots.

I cannot really remember a movie in recent time that's meant to resonate with our scene. There was that one movie (name I forgot) where a man becomes a popular Goth singer, and then moves to Europe because his father might have been a nazi or something, but I think that film was trying to more or less mock the subculture because the protagonist "sheds" their Goth-ness by the end.

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Bands with the best stage presence?

I saw Kælan Mikla live last night and they put on one of the best live performances I have seen from a goth band so far. Highly recommend seeing them if you get a chance.

Which bands have the best stage presence in your opinion? I want to get more shows in and I’d love recommendations to look out for.

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