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Girls telling me to bark

Recently I've had a group of girls that anytime they see me they yell at me "bark for me b***h" of course they are blonde plain looking girls and I'd fit into a mix of romantic goth / grunge punk look. But I'm not understanding what me being goth has to do with barking? It's annoying and I'm worn out from the constant public harassment, I barely leave my house now. But it especially doesn't help idk what they are suggesting. Any ideas?

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Help me graduate university by telling me your experiences with Goth! (mod approved)

Hi all!

I am writing my Master’s thesis for the University of Amsterdam, and my topic is about the relationship between gender and subculture. In order for me to gather data to analyse this, I’m conducting a survey targeted at members of some subcultures, and I thought it would be a good idea to look at some Reddit communities.

Here you can find the link to my survey. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to complete, and I need at least 100 responses by June so that I can receive my Master’s diploma. It would be such an amazing help if you could give me your insight into your experience within this community and of course, any feedback on the survey itself is more than welcome. You can contact me through Reddit itself or through my email (which you can find in the survey).

Finally, if you could take the time and send it to some other goths that you know, that would be amazing. The more responses I get, the better I can represent the community!

Thank you so much in advance, I’m very excited to find out about your stories.

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My family thinks Emo and Goth are the same and I keep on telling them it’s not the same.

They think it’s the same because they wear black, makeup and most people in both groups listen to MCR. :\

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