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What are some goth kid shows/movies?

I'm trynna put together a list for my niblings since apparently they like my "alternative" cartoon suggestions, though I would argue that these are shows that plenty of kids like. But, its dark coming from me so it's funny.

They've watched "Growing up Creepie", "The Addams Family(cartoon)", "The Nightmare Before Christmas", "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Many," "Coraline".

I'm looking for things that are actually gothic, not goth underlines like "Hotel Transylvania", or "Danny Phantom".

Any suggestions?

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Tones On Tail covered by Lost Tapes


The new Lost Tapes song is out now!!! This is a cover of a TONES ON TAIL tune and the first release from Lost Tapes in a year, since the INXS cover!!!

I hope you enjoy this 📷

Today is also BANDCAMP Day, artists keep 100% of the earnings.

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She Wants Revenge – Undead.

If you don't still follow them on socials you may have missed this statement yesterday:

"Bands are tricky things.
Timing, life, and personalities converge in their creation and magic, but also their demise. They go on hiatus, breakup, members leave, they get back together, sometimes, repeatedly. It’s par for the course with complicated relationships, and many bands are just that. We certainly are. But we’re also not finished.

So, for those who have followed us, are emotionally invested, or are paying attention, She Wants Revenge will resume recording and touring.

This isn’t a reunion, it’s a continuation. SWR is bigger than two individuals. It no longer has to break-up or cease to be due to timing, life, and personalities, and it won’t. Love us, hate us, or scroll past indifferently, She Wants Revenge isn’t going anywhere."

While they may be arguably more darkwave than goth, I'm sure many members of this group love SWR and will be happy to hear they are no longer broken up and maybe new music and hopefully tours are on the way. If you were late to them and never saw them live, if you get the chance, I highly recommend you go!

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/r/Goth’s Fashion Fridays!

Post your links to your selfies, favorite goth clothing, styles, ideas, wardrobes, and stores here. Have a killer outfit you want to show us? Or maybe that store is having a 25% off winklepickers or Demonia boots. Share it with us!

Also, have you joined r/GothFashion yet?

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What songs have great “hooks” like “Reptile” by The Church or “Swamp Thing” by The Chameleons?

Listened to both of these today. So what else?

A few others:
"Stranger" Clan of Xymox
"Why Can't I Be You" The Cure
"Love Will Tear Us Apart" Joy Division

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Switchblade Symphony sticker I bought at the last concert I saw them at • 1999 at Baja Club. [oc]

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