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Is anyone else deeply irked when they put just ‘goth’ in the search bar here on Reddit just to be met with mostly sexual results???

Like everyone already knows goth women are heavily sexualised and misperceived, but every single time I look for anything goth related on Reddit, I’m just met with so much gross and vile sexual fetish content and it just reminds me all the time, it’s so hard to escape. I literally cannot stand these onlyfans airheads selfishly using the goth label to attract even more internet degenerates to make money and then make actual goths look bad. It’s so enraging since ‘goth’ has been such a big part of me for so long since I was little and means so much to me, just for egirls to snatch it and shit on it, turning me into a walking fucking kink.

Sorry for the rant, I know I made a post a bit similar to this a while ago too but UGH I just cannot deal any more.

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