Ukrainian Goth / Post-Punk bands to support this Bandcamp Friday

Just a short list of Ukrainian post-punk/goth etc. bands to support amid the on-going crisis. I'm sure any amount of money towards these bands is helpful and it's Bandcamp Friday, so they will get the full amount. Best part is, you choose how much you want to give and you 100% know that all of your money is going straight into the pockets of these people.

All information is observed from various sources online.

Let's get into it…

Early 2010s deathrock duo based out of Kyiv whose 2011 Pretty Things EP had a good reception among the goth scene. Their follow-up, Come and See was released in 2015 and their newest single "Crystal Signals" in 2021. Follow them on YouTube, MySpace, Spotify and Facebook.

A quartet from Харьков, Ukraine whose band seems to have experimented with a number of genres including post-punk, alternative rock, grunge, and shoegaze. Their discography seems to consist of two short EPs and they haven't released anything since 2015. Their lead vocalist, however, seems to be active with a hardcore/punk project. They have a Facebook page.

Chaotic post-punk/lo-fi/experimental rock formed in 1989 from Kyiv, who, according to their only lasted two years but seemingly, according to their / Discogs regrouped prior to 2012 and released two studio albums. Their discography mainly consists of live albums which can be listened to on full on YouTube.

A modern and active darkwave/coldwave/post-punk duo from Kyiv with a discography of two EPs/albums and a single. They have recently been booked to perform at Return To The Batcave Festival 2022. Other platforms of theirs are Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube.

Described as a cross between Lebanon Hanover and Drunken C, the coldwave duo have so far only released an single entitled "Going", which would make itself part of The Glass Beads’ 4 track debut EP Phobia issued on cassette via Squall Records, and a 2020 album Therapy, also available on Limited Edition vinyl, a collection of 11 sorrowful songs. They have profiles on SoundCloud and Facebook.

Post-punk/new wave duo from Kyiv, who have been steadily releasing music from 2016. Their style ranges from experimental to post-punk to more synth oriented songs. A link tree to all their profiles is here.

Associated with Cold Transmission Music, this post-punk/darkwave/coldwave duo from Kyiv have released two albums, a single, and a remix album to date. Their 2020 album Low Light is available to buy in CD format. Follow them on Facebook.

Influenced by '80s and '90s goth rock, The Nightchild was created in 2003 in Donetsk, Ukraine by Olexiy Nikitchenko. The band has released numerous records since their debut album in 2009, and gained additional band members. The project currently resides in Chernihiv. Follow them on Facebook and Spotify.

Olexiy also has another solo project named Sociophobia, the music is a mixture of old school deathrock with elements of cold wave.

A solo artist named Alex Ashtaui, based out of Kyiv who started releasing post-punk music originally under the name Pyat'shest'tri. Under Morwan, he combined his half-Ukrainian and half-Arab roots with his familiar dark post-punk leanings. Follow him on SoundCloud, Facebook and Instagram, found on his link tree.

Solo project of Ivan Kotsiubynsky and currently based on the Worn Pop label, Gil'otina released two LPs, Taiga and Orgán in April 2016 and July 2020, respectively. They have a Facebook page.

Based out of Slovyansk, Delirium are a post-punk/new wave band who released their debut album Место наших встреч in 2019. The three-piece released their new album Некролог in mid-January 2022. Follow them on Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube.

Bottom Radio is a project who has experimented with several genres or sounds including post-punk, synth, lo-fi, and electronic. Their debut release (according to Bandcamp) of the same name, dates back to 2014, and their newest, Ghostly Hour, from December 2017. They have a SoundCloud page.

A bit of a mystery, as "Stay Trve, Sleep Well, Goth On!" is the only song you can find by the band on YouTube. In the description, it states that it's their first single from their upcoming album "Make Our Javelins Laugh", however, the video was uploaded in 2019. Our only other clue is Oskar Terramortis's inclusion of the single on their 2018 "POST GOTHIC You Should Know".

Found on Worn Pop records, Cold Comfort is a project born in Rivne in late 2012. Their three releases to date experiment with a vary of genres, including post-punk, synth, electronic and shoegaze/dream-pop, but their 2013 debut Modern Crypts carries that familiar dreary and atmospheric post-punk sound.

Lo-fi post-punk artist based out of Kyiv. Their two releases consist of May 2021's Скло and December 2021's single "Море дерев". Stream them on SoundCloud, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

An experimental/drone post-punk solo artist based out of Kyiv. Their numerous Bandcamp releases experimental with a variety of sounds.

An electronic duo based out of Dnipro, who has experimented with coldwave, darkwave, EBM, minimal wave, dark synth, and synth-pop. Their 2021 debut Beautiful Scar of Society was released to a good reception. The band has their own website as well as Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify.

Formed in early 2013, Rugaru's music is described as "emotional and expressive vocals combined with atmospheric guitar rock, fast and energetic tempos, as well as interesting lyrics". Except for the information that's provided on their VK profile, nothing much else is known about their discography except for the songs on their 2013 EP "Little Girl".

A multi-genre project from Kyiv, their debut of the same name was released in January 2015 with several other releases being published throughout the years. Their latest EP Decades Of Darkness, released in January 2021, takes on a post-punk and darkwave-influenced sound.

Blablarism is the solo moniker of Kyiv resident Oksana Zmorovytch. Their debut EP, Fugue was released on New Ideals in early 2013. Another album of theirs, Agnostodynis released in January 2019 on Fabrika Records.

If anyone has any more suggestions, feel free to add them on the bottom and give some details.

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