Elder goths: What are your thoughts on the state of goth these days? What’s changed? Are you still involved? A brief interview in point form.

I'm most interested in thoughts from those whose taste in music, aesthetic, hobbies, social circles, identities, and/or worldviews developed within the 80s-era goth subculture. Music is the most relevant point of focus, as this subreddit emphasizes.

I'll post something similar next week for people who encountered goth music in the 90s and 00s.

• When did you become involved in the subculture? When were you last significantly invested in it? (If you're part of this demographic and you're reading this post, I can assume some level of interest.)

• Related to previous: Where in the world do you live? Where have you lived?

• Were 80s goths as snarky as I've been told that you were?

• Did you seriously dislike people who smoked clove cigarettes? (I had an elder goth friend who could not STAND people who did.)

• What interests you about everything that's changed since the 80s/90s/00s?

• How often do you attend live shows and/or festivals?

• If you're familiar with post-2000 goth music, which newer bands do you recommend?

• Just for fun: Is your home decor gothic?

Point form answers are fine. So are long answers. Whichever you prefer.

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