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Further recommendations based on what I’ve listened to so far?

Hey everyone! I’m back for my third (and last) post asking for recommendations based on what I’ve listened to. After this I’ll keep it more to lurking and my own research and discoveries. Anyway, I’m back and wanna hear from the more experienced listeners what you recommend based on my tastes and what I’ve liked so far in this amazing genre I love exploring so much.

(Just a quick recap for what I have listened to before this new stuff: Vision Video’s 2 albums, Xmal’s 2 albums, Christian Death’s Rozz album, Cure’s 17 Secs, Faith, Pornography, Disintegration, everything Banshees until Tinderbox, 1st two SoM albums, Flat Fields and Burning from the Inside [also Bela Lugosi], Red Velvet Crush, Burning Oil and Futile Combat, Voodoo Church’s EP, and Joy Division’s first 2 albums)

So to start I got most of these bands from the recommendation compilation videos posted by xx_C4TY_xx on YouTube which have been great listens and helpful in pretty quickly introducing more acts to me. From those videos I’ve taken away (and listened to):

Dead Can Dance

Cocteau Twins

Bat Nouveau

Nox Novacula


Other bands I found from those videos, but didn’t listen to bc of long discographies/didn’t know where to start:

Golden Apes

Sort Sol

The last bands I found from C4TY’s compilations that I haven’t taken the time to listen to yet:



Platique Noir

Frank the Baptist

La Fete Triste

Little Nemo

As far as the bands I did listen to I went through DCD’s first 3 albums and 1st EP (loved the self titled album a lot, probably a favorite of mine with Flat Fields, Juju and Voodoo Church’s EP), everything by Cocteau from Garlands to Victorialand, Nouveau’s Metamorphoses, Novacula’s album (also loved that one and excited to see they have an album on the way), and finally Ghosting’s Disguised in Black and Romantic Death albums. I personally liked everything I listened to this go around. The one album I quit halfway through on was Moon and the Melodies; personally wasn’t feeling it a whole lot, it was kinda cool, but not for me.

Like I said up top I come for the final time to make a recommendation post for those 8 previously mentioned bands and anything that may not be goth, but fits comfortably in a goth playlist (one I can think of is Depeche Mode which I do want to listen to at some point). I’m pretty open to a lot, the only thing I haven’t liked much was just the ambience album type. Also my bad if anything I listed isn’t goth/adjacent. I’m getting better at recognizing what does and doesn’t fit goth, but I wouldn’t trust my sole judgment just yet.

Before I end this post I wanna thank the dozen or so more experienced goths that really helped me through this journey of discovering an awesome genre and its many sub genres! I’d be so lost without you correcting me and giving me some fantastic recommendations. Goth has become my favorite genre of music and the people of the subculture are super cool in my (short) experience listening and being here.

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listened to goth music for the first time

I expected screaming, disorted guitar and vocal sounds, kinda similar to heavy metal but it was the most chill music ever, I was jammingggg. I’m just shocked. I really enjoyed it.

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Who’s listened to the new Duran Duran album? They went full goth

The covers are really good haven’t listened to the whole thing yet tho

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did you always know you listened to goth music?

A couple of my first goth albums were the cure and lycia back in the 90s/early 2000s. But at the time I don't think I realized these groups were considered goth. At that time, I think I was aware that goth music existed, but I don't think I really knew what it was or what it was defined as.

Even many years later, after getting into other bands like Bauhaus and Christian Death, I don't think when I bought their albums I knew they were "goth". It wasn't until decades later after I bought my first goth albums that I learned that a lot of the music I listened to and enjoyed was considered goth.

Anyone else experience this?

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just got this in the mail today. never listened to it before. wow. i swear this could be ziggy stardust i’m listening to. :O this is really freaky

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what is the last goth song you have listened to?

I'm trying to expand my playlist

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