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The goth clothing brands that produce shoes are bad quality.

It’s baffling to me that most of the scene has no clue about quality footwear.

I wish there was a punk brand out there that produced Goodyear welted or Blake stitched shoes and stuff. With high end leathers and construction.

So I’ve been going with brands WAY outside of the goth and punk scenes for my shoes.

If you’re involved in goth fashion, please consider producing high end, well made footwear for us.

Enough of the poor quality.

Goth fashion shouldn’t be fast fashion.

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i would love to produce your goth and post-punk music

I am thinking of delving into fiverr as a bit of a side hustle to my current work situation, which is abysmal at the moment. I have mixed and mastered music (unprofessionally) for over ten years and would love to build up a resume by producing and mastering your tracks.

I am very influenced by the thick production of the Cocteau Twins and early Cure. If you have some recordings that you would like produced, please leave a comment or dm me.

Here is a sample of some work I have done:

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