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When do you know you’re not a baby bat anymore ?

Just wondering

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I’m looking for more music suggestions, I’ll put what I generally listen to and describe what I usually look for to see if anyone can make anymore suggestions!

I tend to look for songs with either powerful vocals or powerful instrumentals. An immediate turn off for me is when the vocals are completely overshadowed by the instrumentals.

I know a lot of the music I will place here to show what I mean will likely not be goth, since I'm still learning about the Goth scene. But all suggestions are good suggestions imo. Also if any of them are Goth inform me. I want to make a goth playlist on my Spotify and knowing is half the battle. Plus I want to be able to learn to have a better ear to tell what genres are what.

Ice Queen – Within Temptation

Jazmine Bean – Piggie

Jack Off Jill – Vivica

Neoni (Ft. Savage Ga$ p) – Knives

Darling Violetta – A Smaller God

Pierce the Veil – Disasterology

Paramore – Ignorance

My Chemical Romance – I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

Chase Petra – Monet Issues

Tony22 – Earth Boy

Halsey – Control

AViVA – The Saint and The Sinner

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Boy Harsher isn’t goth anymore?

I’ve noticed my recent songs posts getting deleted and sorta just confused about the whole thing. Last song I posted was Tears by Boy Harsher, but it broke the music relevancy on here. I guess I’m just trying to figure out what’s up with the mods on here.

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King Dude – I Dont Write Love Songs Anymore [goth rock]

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