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Is being goth a bit of a generational thing?

It feels like a lot of people I know had at least one parent who was also into the goth scene. I'm curious to hear if that's a thing with others or if it's me jumping to conclusions from a couple of examples.

In my case my dad was a big fan of The Cure, Joy Division and Siouxsie, which definitely influenced me though I didn't really realise at the time.

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Just bought tickets to see Sisters of Mercy, I have never been to any kind of concerts before, what can I expect?

Hello friends! I saw that SoM is having a concert near me in October, and bought the “Floor – General Admission Standing” tickets on a whim. I’ve seen this sub making fun of SoM’s concerts, but I don’t mind a “crappy” performance. It’ll be nice to still see them before they retire.

I have never experienced the music scene. I’m in my mid 20s, and this is going to be my first concert. I don’t have friends to go with me or give me guidance, so I wanted to turn to this sub for help!

  1. The location is at San Francisco The Masonic, what can I expect? Is it huge and easy to find?

  2. What does “Floor – General Admission Standing” tickets entail outside of its name?

  3. How can I better prepare myself? I’m probably going to be taking the Bay Area Transportation System so I don’t have to worry about parking

  4. Do people dress up at SoM concerts?

  5. Is going alone as a 25 year old female poc safe?

Many many thanks in advance!!

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What do you think about goth bands using backing tracks in a crutch-like manner during live shows?

I remember my introduction to the existence of backing tracks. I was at a goth/industrial show and the opening band had to cut their set to about half a song. Because the cd player handling the backing tracks failed. I have seen goth bands tour my city and the first show had a full band. The next show had a missing bassist who had now been absorbed into the backing track. It felt like Alice in Wonderland but lame. Many shows I see people freaking out over are literally just a karaoke show with a keyboard playing single notes.

I understand it isn't easy to tour in this economic climate and make sure everybody gets paid decent, but it's reaching the point where I think the audience have lowered their own standards to accommodate what they are oversaturated with. Curious what other people think based on shows they have been to.

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Any Sad Lovers and Giants fans?

I’ve been obsessed with the song Lope for awhile now and I have recently been off the deep end in the Epic Garden Music (best name ever) album. I’m just wondering if anyone else is a fan of them? I haven’t seen too much of a community from what I could find and they only have 100k listeners per month on Spotify.

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What song can you never get sick of?

What’s a song that you could listen to over and over again and never get tired of it? Mine would be “This Corrosion” by TSOM

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