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Are there any books talking about goth history??

It doesnt necesserily have to be goth…i would love to read something about our subculture or perhaps a book that covers everything from punk to goths to emos etc…,thank you all

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Help me find a cover by a goth African band?

Ok this might be a long shot; but the band started with an M… (maybe) and the song was something like She’s Lost Control, or some other classic.

African goth band.

Thank you so much!!

(Also would love other recommendations for other bands with covers of popular songs from Africa)

Song in question would have been from before 2016

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When you accidentally clear the dancefloor

This is something I was thinking of posting recently, and have been prodded by Aytakk's post in the new Seething Sunday thread: I'd like to hear anecdotes of DJs who have accidentally cleared the dancefloor. What did they play to do this, and how did they recover? (if they did)

Also, what do people find drives them off the dancefloor? I may be a bad goth for this, but for me it's Nick Cave and Depeche Mode.

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Unofficial Seething Sunday

Weird things at the gig I DJed this weekend. First it was reduced to only one room because the venue got scared due to low pre-sales. So my modern post punk/darkwave set was cut. No matter, I'll do something else with it. Funny thing is we had a great turnout (around 90 paid entries all up) and they want to do it again in September. And the venue is stoked as the bar was busy all night. Maybe two rooms next time.

I was playing a vs set so 2 DJs it is hard to get music to transition smooth plus we are playing to the crowd so as long as they are happy and dancing we don't care. I dropped a clanger and killed the floor with one song (it seems a techno mix of Yakety Sax is too cringey for even weeaboos and nerds to dance to yet I played an industrialised version of it a few years back at Cybermorph and they loved it) but we got it back and even better within the next 2 songs. Overall the set was great, the crowd loved it and other DJs who played loved it too in spite of not doing any "real" technical DJing.

Then there was the heckler. He wanted to talk and I could barely hear him. Initially I thought he had a request but he just wanted to tell us we were shit, the music was shit and nothing was matching up before he left drunkenly stumbling up the stairs.

I found out after he was badmouthing us in the beer garden to Marcus – the organiser and head DJ. Apparently he could do better and he's a DJ with a whopping three years experience. When Marcus told me I laughed as I have been DJing for over 15 years and Mike (the other vs DJ) for over 10. I don't think he got what we were doing yet for the majority of the set the dancefloor was full. What can I say, we know our people in spite of me bringing too many pop hardstyle remixes to a meme fight.

After the heckler left for my next song I dedicated it to him before hitting play. A hardstyle remix of ABCDEFU. Never bait the troll DJs.

Also my legs hurt today. How are you doing?

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Diva Destruction art

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