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meeting fellow goths outside of goth clubs/bars is basically impossible

i wish there were more family friendly, non alcoholic goth events during the day time. im not fond of public drinking, and especially at night (being a woman in an unsafe area, its a terrible idea, but even if it was safe, im still against it), so meeting goths is impossible

i dont even want to make close friends, i just want to be around people who share my music taste for a few hours and just casually talk

the city were i live used to hold a goth picnic in 2016/2018 but we dont have any events anymore, outside of bars/clubs and emonite. its unfortunate that regular events arent a common thing

we need more goth fairs like how they have steampunk ones! come on!

on to concerts, im scared of them because most free ones are held around, well, bars, and serve alcohol. i wouldnt feel safe, and moshpits would kill my back, since i have several back problems

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My uncle and his friends all asked to take pictures with me last night saying “it’s the closest we’ll get to meeting a kiss member!”

My dad, uncle and their mates all grew up in the 70s so you can sort of see where this comes from. They would have admired kiss when they where about 10 before growing out of it. They all took turns posing with me and making gene Simmons faces for the camera and I didn’t know how to take it lol. It got me wondering, would you guys take it as a compliment or feel belittled like they see your style as a costume?? Its the first weird encounter I’ve had due to my clothing so it was quite unexpected heheh

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When you go to an event are you open to meeting new people or would you prefer to be left alone?

Just to let you know where I am coming from, I am a goth who has lived in an area that doesn't have much of a local scene, so i mostly participate online.

However, a place nearby is having a goth night soon and I intend to go to enjoy the music and hopefully, make some new friends.

What I am wondering from those of you who regularly go to goth events, are you open to being approached and potentially forming new friendships? or would you rather just be left alone? I don't want to bother people and make them uncomfortable and I figure most people don't want some stranger trying to talk to them when they are just there to dance and enjoy the music, but I am hoping that some people might be interested in talking and forming new friendships

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